Month: September 2017

Back to School – Brant Lake Sports Academy

Camp is over?!?! The summer of 2017 slipped away in a flash and before we knew it we were covered in school supplies and swamped organizing fall schedules. But how do we now transition into the back to school routine? Here are a few tips… Get a Good Night Sleep. Your day can never start… Read more »

Bunk Plaques Add to Growing Camp History

The history of summer camp is as deep and diverse as an ocean, full of life and a variety of characters, it contains an endless amount of history. There are so many stories that can be told within the gates of camp. One way to leave your bit of history and to make your camp… Read more »

My First Summer at Camp

Molly M., Camper I was very excited and nervous for my first day of summer camp. I did not now what to expect w   hen coming to camp and was nervous about what would   happen. When I came to camp and came off the bus I exploded with happiness, camp seemed so cool… Read more »

Why Working at a Camp Makes You a Better Leader

A lot of people wonder how so many counselors return to camp every year. The answer lies in how summer camp helps counselors, whether it’s their first summer of their fifth, become better leaders when they work here. Working all summer long with campers is a challenge, but Camp really provides the guidance and support… Read more »