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Counsel for a Summer. Impact for a Lifetime.

Counsel for a Summer. Impact for a Lifetime. Working at sleepaway camp for the summer is fun, challenging, and rewarding. You have the opportunity to live in a bunk with our campers on our beautiful campus in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. You will work with campers during each of our six activity periods. However,… Leer más »

The Magic of Camp Starlight

  Camp Starlight has been the backdrop for lifelong summer memories for over 70 years. It is a place that holds a special place in the hearts of thousands of campers, and its focus on tradition is what keeps campers coming back year after year. Camp Starlight knows how valuable camp traditions are, and why… Leer más »

7 reasons summer campers would win “The Hunger Games”

It’s hard not to imagine yourself in the world of “The Hunger Games” when you watch the film’s star Katniss running through the forest on the big screen, and for summer campers the themes of friendship, family and on-point archery skills ring especially true. Everyone has their own strategy they would use if they were… Leer más »

A Closer Look at a Camp Hobby Program

In addition to traditional sports, summer camps are offering more and more hobby related activities to campers. The guest blog this week is from the Camp Starlight blog and explores a popular hobby program there that offers campers the opportunity to learn skills that are not commonly taught in schools or neighborhood programs. The Circus… Leer más »

«THE» Song of the Summer

Music is an important part of camp and, in many ways, defines the camp experience. That’s why we’ve selected this week’s guest blog, which was originally posted to the Camp Starlight blog on May 27, 2014. Every summer at Camp Starlight, there is that one song that it seems no one can get out of… Leer más »

An Ode to Bunk Junk: Less is More

This week’s guest blog is from the Camp Starlight blog…. Have you ever walked into your child’s room or playroom and thought, “What happened, did a tornado come through here?” So cluttered, so messy that you can’t even think straight?  We try our hardest at Camp Starlight to not let the “Bunk Junk tornado” run… Leer más »

Stack the Caps: Taking on the World One Cap at a Time

Summer camp encourages campers to give back to their community, and emphasizes the importance of community involvement. To illustrate this, guest blog this week is one originally posted to the Camp Starlight blog on March 22, 2014. It concerns the Stack the Caps charity sponsored by the camp in honor of a former camper who… Leer más »

Stack the Caps

This week’s guest blog Comes from Camp Starlight and elaborates on the many efforts campers make to give back to the community, and how camp motivates them to do so. Summer is now just around the corner, and we know all of you are getting excited that so soon we will all be together again… Leer más »

Camp Bucket List

The guest blog this week comes from Hayley at Camp Starlight. Camp is a place filled with so many amazing and fun things to do. While most of the things you do at camp are structured, you still have so much you can do on your own to create memories that will last a lifetime…. Leer más »

What Summer Camp Means to Me

Our guest blog for this week actually comes from a couple of campers at Camp Starlight, who shared their ideas about what summer camp means to them: Today, campers Jodie K. and Marni C. gave us some insight about what camp means to them… “Hi, my name is Jodie K and this is my 7th… Leer más »