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Say I Do At America’s Finest Summer Camps

The question has been asked (and answered) and now you’ve hopped aboard the wedding planning train. There are cakes to taste and invitations to write and tablecloth colors to pick from. One of the most important things to decide on when planning a wedding, however, is the venue. Where is the most magical day of… Leer más »

Camp Laurel

There are many camps across the United States with various program concentrations, but Camp Laurel stands out among these camps. Combining a family atmosphere with world-class programming and facilities, Camp Laurel is truly one of a kind. Campers receive unparalleled instruction in Athletics, Tennis, Watersports, Arts, Outdoor Adventure and Equestrian from our talented staff who… Leer más »

Rain: No Problem!

Ideally, every day at camp is sunny and warm. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t always prescribe to human ideals and, although not often, occasionally the skies are a bit more gray than blue and the weather a bit more wet than dry. Although such conditions are “ideal” they certainly don’t bring the fun and activities to… Leer más »

Summer Camp Rentals Make Camp Possible for Grownups Too!

Admit it.  You’re jealous.  Your children go to summer camp each summer.  Then they come home and tell you about it, and you wish that you could go to camp, too.  Well, you might be able to.  Did you know that many summer camps offer facility rentals during the «off season», typically from mid-to-late August… Leer más »