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Farm To Camp

If you are looking for something fun, exciting and different to do on your next date night or a group outing with your friends, look no further than America’s Finest Summer Camps’ newest adventure: Farm To Camp. It is held August 26th-27th and is for adult campers 21 and up. It is a unique experience… Leggi altro »

The Magic of Camp Starlight

  Camp Starlight has been the backdrop for lifelong summer memories for over 70 years. It is a place that holds a special place in the hearts of thousands of campers, and its focus on tradition is what keeps campers coming back year after year. Camp Starlight knows how valuable camp traditions are, and why… Leggi altro »

The Beauty of Camp

Chelsea takes the subway to school every morning. Justin spends his weekends hanging out downtown with his buddies. Evan can walk to movie theaters, restaurants, and museums from the apartment where he lives. These city kids spend most of their year surrounded by concrete, honking horns and tall buildings. And that is why they, like… Leggi altro »

What I learned from playing sports at camp

I wish you could have seen my face the first day of summer camp; my excitement was so contagious I was worried the nurse would put me in quarantine. That being said, my excitement had nothing to do with sports. So far as I was concerned, sports were just another stressful school activity, and to… Leggi altro »

Awesome Opening Days for America’s Finest Summer Camps

The campers have arrived and summer is in full swing at all of America’s Finest Summer Camps. So, naturally, what other guest blog could we feature this week but a report about those magical moments that the campers arrived as reported by the camps themselves? An Amazing Arrival Day at Camp Laurel We had an… Leggi altro »

Counselors, It’s Time to Pack!

You’ve scored an amazing summer job at a sleepaway camp and the summer is so close that you can practically taste the s’mores, smell the camp air and hear your campers laughing. But before you can head off for the summer of your life, you have to pack. Packing can be a daunting task for… Leggi altro »

Stack the Caps: Taking on the World One Cap at a Time

Summer camp encourages campers to give back to their community, and emphasizes the importance of community involvement. To illustrate this, guest blog this week is one originally posted to the Camp Starlight blog on March 22, 2014. It concerns the Stack the Caps charity sponsored by the camp in honor of a former camper who… Leggi altro »

A Camper Reflects on the Day before Camp Begins

Over the past several days, all of America’s Summer Camps welcomed their campers and the summer is officially underway.  For our guest blog this week, however, we wanted to share a blog submitted by one of the campers at Camp Starlight, who reflected on what campers feel the day before camp. I am nearing the… Leggi altro »

Stack the Caps

This week’s guest blog Comes from Camp Starlight and elaborates on the many efforts campers make to give back to the community, and how camp motivates them to do so. Summer is now just around the corner, and we know all of you are getting excited that so soon we will all be together again… Leggi altro »

And Now for a Holiday Olympic “Break”…

Happy 2013!  It’s a officially a new year and the summer of 2013 is creeping closer.  To get through a cold January, we’ve chosen a guest blog this week from Hayley at Camp Starlight about which she reflects on one of hottest events the Starlight summer: Olympics. 1, 3, 5, 6! WE WANT OLYMPICS! It… Leggi altro »