Activities to Get You Ready for Camp

Laurel South

Activities to Get You Ready for Camp

Summer is right around the corner and the countdown is officially on! Here are some activities to get you prepped for the season ahead.

Backyard Camping

Camping is super fun, but sometimes you’re too busy to go hiking into the wilderness to do it. Backyard camping to the rescue! The best part about backyard camping is that the house is close by if anybody needs something they forgot; and you can bring plenty of books to read in the tent.

Send Mail to Camp Friends

One of the best parts of summer camp is the friends you make. Keeping in touch by snail mail is the perfect way to let your friends from all over know how excited you are to see them. Everyone loves to receive a hand-written letter!

Let your friends know how everything’s been going at home and school, and add some drawings and glitter paint if you’re feeling artistic!

…And, of course, there’s always email and chat for those of us who just can’t wait for the old-fashioned post office.

Enjoy a Hike

Another part of camp that many of us miss during the year is the rejuvenating feeling of being in the great outdoors. The wind in the trees, the quiet of the woods — it’s part of what makes camp so special.

The best part is: you don’t have to wait until camp starts to enjoy it. Get your family together for a trip out to the nearest park. All you need is a Sunday afternoon and a sense of adventure. It’s the perfect way to reconnect with nature before camp.

Learn a New Skill

Last but not least, always remember to challenge yourself. One thing camp teaches you is that variety is the spice of life, so when you have the chance to try something new, go for it! Chances are you can make time learning to dance, writing a book, becoming a rock star, or whatever else it is you might be putting off. All you have to do is step up to the challenge and believe in yourself — just like camp.