10 Signs Your Classmates or Co-Workers Who Worked at Summer Camp are Finally over Campsickness

10.) They’ve stopped claiming to be late to class or work because they didn’t hear the morning wake up call.

9.) They no longer ask you at the beginning of every day if you know what the evening activity is.

8.) They’ve stopped randomly breaking into spontaneous cheers, songs, and dances in the cafeteria.

7.) Mismatched socks are no longer visible under their pant cuffs.

6.) They no longer refer to the beverages in the vending machine as “bug juice.”

5.) They’ve stopped wearing their hair in sloppy ponytails and have started wearing it as it’s intended to be styled again.

4.) The constant reminders of remembering to apply lots of sunscreen and to drink lots of water have stopped.

3.) They’ve stopped bringing beads and lanyard to school/work with them.

2.) Tutus are no longer a regular part of their wardrobes.

1.)“At camp” are not the first words of every sentence anymore…just every other sentence.