National Friendship Day

It’s National Friendship Day and campers at Camp know how special it is to celebrate the friendships they have formed at summer camp. Campers know that summer camp is a magical place like no other, there are an infinite amount of different things to do so there are just as many ways to make memories and build friendships. When you spend an entire summer with the same people living in your bunk, friendships form just as naturally as the flowers bloom. Friendships at Camp are so special for that reason, campers spend quality time with others in large quantities of time, transforming friendships in positive ways. Campers are always able to rely on their friends to support them when things get tough or when they feel homesick, their friends are there to help them fall asleep at night or pull them back up to get back into the game. They also support each other when things are going in the right direction, cheering them on as they are winning the game or performing on stage, these friendships battle the bad and the good for the sake of each other’s happiness. Campers know they have friends to back them up and encourage them to do their best. Additionally, with the amount of silly, ridiculous and outrageously fun activities campers get to experience, campers are able to deepen the bonds of friendships when experiencing these activities together. They are able to make every moment turn into a memory because it’s with their friends. When campers look back at every sporting event during Olympics, every dance performed for Spirit of Camp or every challenge that was overcome during relay races, they look back at who was standing next to them, laughing and smiling along with all the ongoing fun. These special memories are why friendships at Camp should be celebrated, they will stand the test of time and last forever in each other’s memories.