The Importance of Camp Routines

Camp Laurel South:

Camp is all about having fun, developing friendships and creating memories that last a lifetime. Campers love the activities, living with their closest friends and trying new things. They could go on and on about how much they love wakeboarding, playing ping-pong during free time or simply laughing through every day. What campers (and counselors!) don’t always realize is how impactful their camp routine is.

To an outsider, summer camp may look like little more than highly organized chaos: but the scheduling of Laurel South is very intentional, sophisticated and made for the benefit of each camper. Campers are waking up and going to sleep at roughly the same time each day. Meals are well-rounded with plenty of options. Campers are active for several hours and they’re constantly smiling. And while they experience different activities from day to day, the time spent at these programs is the same.

Camp is unlike anywhere else because everyone is in a similar routine. And research shows that children and adults who have a structured schedule sleep and generally feel better. The routine of camp is often overlooked, but camp directors and parents know it’s one of the best benefits for children.