Mentally Preparing for Brant Lake Sports Academy

Spring has finally sprung here in the Northeast; birds are chirping, the grass is greener and families are starting to get ready for camp. So, what exactly does that mean? Of course, you need the proper gear, but once you’ve put name tags on all of your clothing, flashlights, goggles, toiletries, etc., you should be good to go, right? Not always! Some kids (and parents) need to prepare for what is about to happen – getting on that plane or bus and leaving home. Whether it’s for one week, three weeks, or seven weeks, all first-time campers have that feeling of butterflies in their stomach. So the real question is: how do we mentally prepare for our first successful camp session?

  1. Talk about camp with your child. Sharing camp stories will give you something to bond over with your son or daughter.
  1. Talk to your camp director. There is a reason why camp directors do what they do and it’s because the LOVE their job. And they have this magical ability to set a camper’s mind at ease.
  1. Connect to your camps social media pages. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are just a few amazing ways to get an insider’s view of what your camp is all about.
  1. Have a positive attitude. SMILE. You are sending your child to an excellent camp, so be confident in the staff and let your kids be kids for a few weeks.


Many of our first-time campers are dropped off smiling, but with a bit of fear of the unknown. As we know, that is the greatest fear of all. With that in mind, our goal is to have them leave with memories filled with unique experiences, loving friendships and massive smiles that will last them until the next summer.