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10 Things to do before Your Children Leave for Summer Camp

10 Things to do before Your Children Leave for 10. Complete all of the camp paperwork.  This provides the camp with valuable details about your child that they can pass onto their health center and counselors.  Knowing your children’s interests before they arrive helps the camp place them into cabins or bunks in which they’ll… קרא עוד »

Famous Faces of Summer Camps

Have you ever thought about what your bunkmates might be doing ten or twenty years down the road? Maybe you have said to one another that you want to come back some day and be counselors, division leaders, and maybe you even dream of being a head counselor. But did you ever consider that the… קרא עוד »

So You’ve Got a Golden Ticket…Ready, Set, Go Part 3

Finally, we close our trilogy of camp counselor tips with one last blog dedicated to you, future camp counselors… Get ready to build your resume!  Working as a camp counselor at a summer camp will provide you with some invaluable experience that will serve you well far beyond this summer.  Many HR Managers in lots… קרא עוד »

So You’ve Got a Golden Ticket…Ready, Set, Go Part 2

We promised a sequel and here it is: Orientation 101… The first thing you should know about the orientation is don’t sweat it.  Yes, it’s intense.  Yes, it’s a VERY busy week and there is a lot to get done.  We know that, by the time months of anticipation for your new summer camp job… קרא עוד »

So You’ve Got a Golden Ticket…Ready, Set, Go Part 1

So you’ve gotten a great job at a summer camp and are wondering what to do while you impatiently wait for June to get here… First things first.  You found this blog, so we’re assuming you want to know as much as you can before you leave.  You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got… קרא עוד »

Camp Adventure Programs Help Campers Soar High

Anyone would feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment after scaling a forty foot wall and then whizzing down a zip line or perhaps, while attached to a harness of course, taking a giant leap of faith off a perch with a great view.   But when the person is under the age of sixteen,  the feeling… קרא עוד »

Because of Camp…

AFSC would like to thank Dagni Christian of Camp Laurel for the following blog… We could talk about the benefits of camp from now ’till the end of the summer. But this month we’ll let the American Camp Association (ACA) do it for us. Recently the ACA – an organization that educates leaders, ensures camp… קרא עוד »

“Sunwise” at Camp

One of the biggest challenges of summer camp is also one of its greatest aspects, spending lots of time in the sunny outdoors.  Indeed, time in the sun is an important aspect of maintaining good health.  The sun is a source of vitamin D, which has been linked to happiness.  However, over-exposure to the sun’s… קרא עוד »


在先前的博客中,我们讲述了如何判断您的孩子是否已经可以参加露营,并且指出了这取决于您孩子的特点和他的成熟度。一位母亲Christine说:“每个孩子都不同…每位母亲也不同…因此我认为我真的无法提供适用于所有情况的建议…”但是,Christine的12岁大的儿子已经可以参加露营——去年夏天他参加了瑞士的Camp Weequahic夏令营,在刚抵达时他并不认识那里的其他任何一位露营者! Nicolas大多数时间在一家国际学校学习,并曾在瑞士学习英语,因此他拥有良好的沟通技巧,并且对于适应新文化并不感到担心。他先前还曾去过美国,在去年转到瑞士的学校之后,他的母亲希望他继续掌握流利的英语、亲身了解美国文化以及结交美国朋友。Christine说,很多美国露营地都在瑞士推广他们的计划,但是她没有关注这些,因为她“不希望Nicolas去美国后只是与其他法国小孩见面!!!” Christine决定在网上寻找“真正的美国露营地”,并且花费了大量时间进行研究和对比。促使她作出最终决定的是Camp Weequahic网站及其视频剪辑,她被该露营地的浓厚家庭氛围所吸引。最终,她把儿子送去一个很远的地方,让他尝试不同的事情和积累新体验!由于Nicolas来自欧洲,因此三周的露营时间刚好合适——两周似乎太短,而四周对于首次跨越大西洋参加露营的小孩而言又似乎太长。 Nicolas与她的母亲一起前往了该营地,后来,在Weequahic的员工将他送至纽瓦克机场的飞机上之后,Nicolas独自返回了欧洲。Christine的两位侄女也都拥有愉快的美国露营体验,但是Christine认为,如果Nicolas独自去参加露营,他可以更加轻松地结交朋友和了解美国小孩——并且所有母亲都知道每个小孩都各不相同!Nicolas完全同意独自去参加露营,因为他对于美国文化有一些了解,并且会说英语,这给了他很多帮助。 在日内瓦,Nicolas与来自全球的学生建立了友谊,并且他也很好地培养了他母亲希望他具备的全球意识,但是美国之旅也增添了一种全新的跨文化意识。例如,露营地使Nicolas有时间与同龄美国人建立更深厚的关系,并拓展他的有关棒球比赛和传统的知识。他还体验了游客可能会错过的文化内容。Nicolas非常喜欢Camp Weequahic,以至于他还想再次参加,如今他正梦想着以培训顾问的身份返回营地。他的弟弟也迷上了露营,并且也希望参加露营! 不管露营者到多远的地方去露营,这段冒险经历会在很多方面拓展他们,并且为他们的个人发展带来显著帮助。露营者可以获得不同的旅行和个人之旅体验——在Nicolas的例子中,露营还使他的美式英语变得更加流利! 谢谢Christine和Nicolas分享他们的故事!

Une Expérience Internationale du Camping

Dans un précédent blog, nous avons évoqué la façon d’évaluer si votre enfant est prêt à faire du camping. Nous avons indiqué que tout dépend de l’enfant et de sa maturité. Une maman, Christine, l’explique de cette façon : « chaque enfant est différent… chaque maman est différente… Je ne peux donc pas vraiment donner de conseil… קרא עוד »