What Summer Camp Means to Me

Our guest blog for this week actually comes from a couple of campers at Camp Starlight, who shared their ideas about what summer camp means to them:

Today, campers Jodie K. and Marni C. gave us some insight about what camp means to them…

“Hi, my name is Jodie K and this is my 7th summer at camp Starlight.  I am now thirteen.  Since I was seven, I have been fortunate enough to call this camp my home.  Without using a cliché, this camp mean to me in one simple word: EVERYTHING!  I am given the appropriate amount of freedom while being taught lifelong lessons like communication, honesty, and respect.  What most thirteen year olds in today’s society don’t realize is that with today’s technology, kids don’t know how to communicate with others effectively.  Using texting and other forms of social media, kids avoid ever contacting each other directly.  Here at camp where no technology is allowed, it gives me the chance to get to know my favorite people in the whole world.  People I call my sisters, roles models, and friends for life have made this experience even better.  Everything this camp has done for me has made me a stronger person for the better.”—Jodie K.

“This is my sixth summer at Camp Starlight and I’m an Upper Deb.  What camp means to me is a home away from my home.  When I come to camp, I always feel safe and comfortable around staff and other campers.  When I think of Camp Starlight, I think of myself making memories that will last a lifetime.  For example, when I go home during the winter, I ways laugh with my home friends and share those memories.  Camp is a place that you go to for a majority of your summer and you never want to leave.  The day before I leae for camp, I have butterflies in my stomach, and the day I leave to go home from camp I have tears.  Camp Starlight is a special place that will be in my mind and heart forever.”—Marni C.

*This blog was originally posted on the Camp Starlight website www.campstarlight.com on July 3, 2012.