Camp Laurel: The All-Encompassing Specialty Camp

As a parent or potential staff member looking at camps, one of the first questions always asked is: “what activity do you specialize in?”. This should be a straight forward answer.  But for Camp Laurel, it’s not that simple. How do you convey that you “specialize” in everything? From Athletics to InterArts to Waterfront, Laurel puts a true emphasis on creating the best programs possible at any camp…anywhere.


The Instructors


            Having the right people in place is integral in running a high-level program. This starts during the hiring process. At Camp Laurel, only people highly qualified in their applied program area are selected to work at camp; basketball and lacrosse staff, for example, have all either played or coached at a high level; ceramics staff hired are all BFA Ceramics/Pottery candidates, etc. But not only are staff talented in their specific area, they are also skilled teachers. This is a very important distinction as all the skill in the world is useless to an instructor if they cannot teach this skill to the campers. In hiring the right staff, a balance of fun and skills progression is reached, and Camp Laurel campers are able to stay engaged while also improving their fundamentals.


The Facility and Equipment


While the instructors teaching campers are very important in running a high-level program, the best instructor is limited without proper facilities and equipment.  At Camp Laurel, all facilities and equipment are in great shape and are consistently updated to make sure that optimal conditions are met for campers; all soccer fields are level with regulation size goals; all sailboats have fully functioning sails and rudders, etc. In addition, there is ample space within each program area. Campers aren’t sitting around, waiting their turn. Instead they are always engaged and learning new skills.


So if you’re looking for a specialty camp of any kind…give Camp Laurel a look!