Enjoying Camp at Home All Year

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 3.20.36 PMFor most campers, a summer at camp just isn’t enough. Even though camp counselors are pros at squeezing as much fun into every minute of every day at camp, eventually it is time to go home, and teary eyed campers are sad to say goodbye. Parents can easily help their kids feel connected to camp all year round by incorporating little things into their life that remind them of camp.

At America’s Finest Summer Camps, there is a chant, rhyme or song for almost everything campers do. This not only helps them remember important information, but also brings all of the campers together. Parents can ask their kids what songs meant the most to them and why, and find a way to incorporate the song, chant or rhyme into their daily lives. Campfire songs are a classic camp memory, and having children teach their parents these catchy tunes is a great way to connect parents and kids, and also brings back fond memories of camp all year round.

It won’t take long for parents to figure out what activity their children really connected with at camp. If possible, parents can plan a weekend at the lake for their new sailor or wake board enthusiast and see for themselves why the sport meant so much for their children. If kids discovered their love for acting, music, art or dance, parents can look in their community to see if enrolling their children in these programs/classes is realistic for their family. It is very important for parents to encourage their children to follow their dreams and passions, many of which are discovered after a fun filled summer at camp.

There is no doubt that kids will come home with more than one new best friend. Parents can help their child stay in touch with their camp friends by helping them write letters, emails and arranging “Skype-dates.” If possible, planning a get-together with friends from camp may ease the common “camp sickness” (the camp version of homesickness) and allow kids to foster and build upon the relationships they made at camp.

The Internet is full of fun ideas to bring summer camp to your home, such as DIY fire pits, delicious ‘smore recipes and exciting team games that will get the whole neighborhood involved. Parents can get creative in bringing the camp experience home, and by asking their kids a few questions about what they loved about camp, it is easy to bring some camp favorites right to their own living room.