No Strikes for Campers at Baseball Game

Camp excels in providing campers with the most traditional summer camp experience of their lives, helping campers have all sorts of fun under the sun. While there are many activities and traditions campers can enjoy on campus, there are a few that require sending campers outside and into bigger fields. The Lower Camp was able to attend a professional baseball game and experience one of America’s favorite summer pastimes. Nibbling on popcorn, spreading mustard along a hotdog and root, root, rooting for home team, the Lower Camp enjoyed a wonderful night of American tradition at the baseball game. The stadium lights illuminate the campers almost as much as their smiles do as they sit back and cheer for the players on the diamond, embracing all the energy and fun of the crowd. Even though they aren’t on the field playing, they get to sing along with the chants in the stands, do the wave and laugh at the silly faces they make on the jumbotron. All the fun of the baseball game is what enables campers to transform these moments into lifelong memories. Taking the campers out to a baseball game allows them to experience a true American summer because no summer is complete without attending a baseball game and eating as many hotdogs as there are homeruns. It’s a night completely meant for the happiness of the campers. Camp goes the extra mile–or the extra base–to ensure a camper enjoys their summer and is able to look back and love their summer as much as they loved eating a baseball helmet full of popcorn.