NYC Dance Performances: Fall 2017 – Brant Lake Dance Camp

What an amazing summer 2017 was at Brant Lake Dance Camp. It was a summer full of laughter, friendship, and of course, dance! We’re excited for the year ahead and are looking forward to staying in touch in the coming months. In the meantime, here are some expert dance performances in the New York City area to keep your dance fever alive:

  1. Fall for Dance: Fall for Dance at City Center is open now and is a great way to see a variety of talented dance. Tickets are $10 and they go fast!
  1. Twyla Tharp: Twyla Tharp and her incredible dance troupe are at the Joyce Theatre in late September through early October.

  1. NYC Ballet: The NYC Ballet begins its season with Swan Lake on September 17th.

BONUS – Game of Thrones: Rock Musical: There is a Game of Thrones parody opening on Broadway from October 10th through October 29th.