Radio Reminiscing

The other day as I was listening to the radio while driving down the road, in the blink of an eye, I was back in the Dining Room of Camp Starlight, surrounded by the voices, noises, and even the smells. I love it when those moments happen. Something as simple as one song can transform your mood, surroundings, and energy. Not only do we come across unexpected moments that return us to our summer home away from home, but those moments create excitement, buzz, and energy that I know I can’t shake. When times like that happen, I’ll find myself on the phone or computer reconnected to a long lost camp friend.

More importantly, those quick, unexpected instances make me want to return to camp as soon as I possibly can. I am reminded each time those moments happen why I fell in love with Camp Starlight, its campers, and staff twelve years ago.  I feel I am one of the fortunate; I have had the opportunity to experience camp, and I look forward to the next time I hear a song on the radio that sends me back.

What brings you back?

–Thanks to guest blogger Qynn, Camp Starlight Staff Member