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Stack the Caps

This week’s guest blog Comes from Camp Starlight and elaborates on the many efforts campers make to give back to the community, and how camp motivates them to do so. Summer is now just around the corner, and we know all of you are getting excited that so soon we will all be together again… Lue lisää »

Camp through the Eyes of a Program Director

I’m the camp’s Program Director.  I have a very unique job at camp as the person responsible for overseeing the daily scheduling of the camp’s daily activities.  Even though it’s not one of the traditional camp jobs that comes to mind when people imagine working at a summer camp, it’s a crucial one.  I like… Lue lisää »

Camp through the Eyes of an Athletic Director

Hi, I’m the camp Athletic Director! I love my role at camp because in the course of a day, I come into contact with virtually everyone at camp at some point.  I started out at camp as a sports head.  I loved keeping my individual area organized—working with the campers and my staff and maintaining… Lue lisää »

Finding Your Way Home to Camp

This week’s guest blog comes to us from Camp Starlight Directors David and Allison and speaks to feeling of home and belonging that many campers and staff find at summer camp. The last week of camp seems like it was yesterday.  That feeling of holding on to every moment and hoping that time would just… Lue lisää »

Everthing I Need to Know in Life…

Robert Fulghum wrote a great poem entitled “Everything I Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten.”  Since so many campers and staff members often speak of all of the valuable things they learn at camp, we thought we’d do a tribute to Fulghum’s original poem, as well as to all present and former campers and… Lue lisää »

Building Courage at Camp

For many camps, it’s reunion time, that midway point between summers when campers and staff get together to reminisce and plan.  This week’s guest post comes from Camp Weequahic and highlights the reunion experience: We were thrilled to recently host a Weequahic Northeast Reunion. Seeing our campers and their families during the year is certainly… Lue lisää »


We recently listened to a man who has spent many, many years studying the effects of play on humans. While it sounds a lot like our job as camp directors, he’s got the Ph.D. so we thought to give him our attention. We are glad we did. Dr. Stuart Brown said several fascinating things about… Lue lisää »

Camp: Memories for a Lifetime

The guest blog this week comes from Camp Laurel and was originally posted on September 10, 2012 at http://www.camplaurel.com/blog/uncategorized/camp-memories-for-a-lifetime/. Duffles are unpacked. School is once again in full swing. Summer ­ and camp ­is far on the horizon. But throughout the school year ­and for the rest of their lives ­campers will draw upon, and… Lue lisää »

Summer Reading at Camp

The hour is upon us, the trunks and bags are already shipped, and the carry-on bags are stuffed so full that they almost don’t zip, but we encourage you to consider packing some summer reading.  Sure camp is action-packed, but there are also a lot of great opportunities throughout the summer for campers to read…. Lue lisää »

A Look Behind the Scenes

Every day, we rely on a several teams of individuals to make camp happen.  Everyone knows about camp counselors, the people on the front lines, but not everyone is aware of the people who work behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly.  Running a summer camp really is more than showing up in… Lue lisää »